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Markdown cheatsheet

# Header 1

## Header 2

### Header 3

> Quote

* List
1. Numbered-list


What is markdown?

Markdown is a simple and quick way to add formatting to plain text. Rather than relying on complex editors or learning HTML, Markdown allows you to create styled text quickly through keyboard shortcuts.

Check out the official markdown overview.


Version 1.2
- Heading line height is fixed
- All buttons now have tooltips
- Spell checker number issue fixed

Version 1.1
- Dark mode has a dedicated button
- Resolved sounds not looping
- Spell checker has been improved
- Small sizing bugs resolved



Bold Bold
Italics Italics

Header Heading
Strikethrough Strikethrough

Ordered List Unordered List
Numbered List Numbered List

Quote Quote
Image Image

Link Link
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